Rushing Wataga River just 50 feet below the many decks of A River Mist Too.

Dear Guest,

My  wife and I traveled through the Boone area for the first time about 30  years ago while on vacation.  We fell in love with the area and  continued visiting on and off for the next 20 years.  Nevertheless, we  wanted to explore the rest of the country, so we traveled to more than  thirty states over those twenty years looking for something better. We  never found it!  We kept coming back to Boone, Valle Cruses, Banner Elk,  Sugar Grove and Blowing Rock. We are from Florida where the summers are  very hot and Boone’s average high in the summer is 76 degrees  Fahrenheit.  Perfect.

Well, when we decided to buy a vacation  home, there really was no other choice for us; this area was it.  We  then spent two years searching for the perfect cabin on a river or on a  large stream. This venture was harder than we thought. There weren’t  many with a big stream or a river, and the ones we found had something  wrong, such as being too close to the highway, too hard to get to or too  far from town.  We finally found this property by total luck.  It was a  pocket listing that was not in the MLS. The moment we saw it, we knew  we had found our place, even though the cabin was pretty run down. The  setting was truly “one of a kind”.  I think people use that term too  loosely, but we haven’t seen anything in the area quite like this  property before or since.

We then spent almost two years  refurbishing and remodeling the cabin; I initially wanted to tear it  down and build a new cabin but my wife said, “It has good bones”  I am  glad we decided to keep the original.  We fell in love with the cabin,  named it “A River Mist” and kept visiting every chance we could.  Every  visit to A River Mist inspired us to keep adding little details here and  there.  It became a work of love that renewed our souls with every  visit; the cabin is enchanted!  Since we still work most of the year, we  decided to share A River Mist with others.  Fortunately, we found Blue  Ridge Mountain Rentals, which happens to be the leading vacation rental  agency in the area.  Steve and his staff are great and take care of the  rental process in the manner we like our guests to be treated.  If our  property is not for you, Blue Ridge Rental has something for everyone.   Sharing our cabin with others has been very gratifying; the guests  inspire us time and again with wonderful comments, recommendations and  repeat visits. 

The property is over seven acres with a perfect  spot right on the river and another well-positioned spot overlooking a  pond.  I could not live without building other cabins on such a  beautiful property.  So, we spent the last two years building two  additional cabins: “A River Mist Too” and “A River Mist Walk”.  We  designed them in the spirit of the original “ A River Mist”  and made  all bedrooms king master suites. We recalled our own experiences  vacationing with family and friends, when only one couple would get a  master bedroom and the rest would get small bedrooms without a bath.   This is why all the bedrooms are king master suites.  We also welcome  the four-legged members of the family.  We included bidets, fire pits  with unlimited firewood, hot tubs, fully furnished gourmet kitchens and  we pay attention to details to make the stay the best possible  experience.

We absolutely love A River Mist and we hope you will too.  Enjoy and make it your own.  We sure hope to retire there some day.

Nick and Elena   cell phone: 305-297-7395   email: